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Two Roads Diverge: Mary and Martha

Text: Luke 10:38-42 Martha is mad Mary isn’t doing anything.  Martha wants credit, thanks, encouragement, and help.  She blames Mary for being idle. She blames Jesus for letting Mary be idle. We know Jesus rebukes Martha and praises Mary.  We … Continue reading

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The Spiritual Discipline of Chicken Wings

 I love chicken wings. But I don’t just enjoy eating chicken wings because of their obvious deliciousness. I do it as a spiritual discipline.   Before you dismiss me as either being sarcastic or idiotic, hear me out. I am being … Continue reading

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How to Anger English Majors

I love languages.  I specialize in the “dead” languages of Greece and Rome.  But the history and development of languages has always fascinated me.  I was hooked the first moment I heard about Indo-European (which was first hypothesized by William … Continue reading

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The Jones Hegelian Movie Hypothesis

Summary of the Jones Hegelian Movie Hypothesis:  Every movie is the Hegelian synthesis of two previous movies. Every truly great idea has a birth narrative.  This particular idea was conceived while I was departing the theater at the conclusion of … Continue reading

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